Monday, November 28, 2011

And there was me fearing this dress, made last summer, might
be somewhat out of fashion:

                                   Better think again, 'cause this is what I 
                                   found on Pinterest:

                                                                                                        A girl with impeccable taste, our Keira!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meeting fellow-sewists and a white blouse in progress

It has been a whole month since I blogged the last time and that's not something I'm happy with. Having time to blog means (in my book) that there's a good balance between work and 'play'. November has been a month so busy that it's been insane. Not all bad though. On the contrary! I've joined a lovely meeting with fellow-sewists in the weekend of 12/13 November.

Sigrid was so nice to invite me for a weekend full of un and I was happy to join in on sunday. The group had a great weekend with visits to a fashion-exhibition at The Hague and a visit to Amsterdam on saturday. On sunday a trip to the fabric-market at Nieuwegein was planned. And that's where I joined in. (Try to keep me away from a place that sells fabric...duh.)
It has been so much fun and we had a great laugh. And of course we bought fabulous fabric!

Thank you Sigrid, Margaret, Joana, Hilde, Sheila, Samira, Marta, Valerie, Valerie and Clare, for a lovely day. It's been so great meeting you and I'm sure we'll meet again in the future.
Sigrid and Valerie already posted a group-picture so I'm not gonna repeat that, but this picture is rather funny: it's a fabric-avalanche next to where we were sitting.

(The fabric was falling in our direction. I just know that must mean something.....)

So what's been up with the rest of November/sewing?
On my last post about the skirt with the pointy bottom I received some very helpful comments.

Audrey, one of your suggestions was that the fabric might have been stretched at that place and I think that's just what happened. I was trying to get the zipper in as neatly as possible and I remember pulling the fabric a bit when I was ironing it.
The zipper itself could not have been the problem as it's very lightweight and not stiff at all. But the idea that a stiff zipper could have this effect and that interfacing the zipper-area might help to prevent this, are good things to know.
Thanks everyone for your helpful comments!

I made a new skirt with the exact same pattern and there was no problem at all. Lesson learned!

At the moment I'm working on a white blouse. It's a slow project. I started this over 2 weeks ago and it's taking baby-steps to finish it. I really hope I'll have more time to sew once November is over. Today I managed to complete it to the point where there's only buttons/buttonholes left to sew. But that's how far I'll get today as I don't have any matching buttons. So it's web-shopping next for me.