Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let's get this party started!

Sometimes I wish a day had more than 24 hours. But don't we all?
I work 4 days a week. There should be some time left to do some sewing and blogging, don't ya think? But I can't seem to find that time. Most of the time at the end of a working day I'm sooo tired, I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING! I know it's the wrong attitude, but it's just the way it is.

Anyway, I'll try to kick my butt a bit more and be more productive. That's why you visit my site right? You want to see some action!

But first a question I received from Teddie on my post about my finished knit top :
What a nice top, and I love that fabric. May I ask you where you bought this? Or from which producer it comes - I'm Dutch too..

Thank you for your nice comment Teddie. The fabric is from a local store called Tricothal De Leeuwtjes . A great fabricstore. It's not as big as it used to be but there's still a great variety of fabrics (not only tricot/jersey!), notions, yarn, buttons. You name it! If you ever are in the area of the west of Noord-Brabant and you have the time, it's worth to pay a visit.
Now, onto the new fabric I bought for my mini-swap. I decided not to change the patterns but I changed the fabric for two of them to make it more 'spring'. And here's a full view of my plan. For those who may have followed this, I wrote 'new' to indicate where I changed the fabric: 
top - Burda 10/2008-119

Viscose-polyester. A bit thicker quality.

skirt - Burda 04/2006-103

Fine-striped bleu and white jeans

blouse - Burda 10/2008-113b

A crispy white polyester-cotton.

trousers - Burda 01/2006-107

A lovely polyester-viscose-spandex with a bit of a crinckle in it. Nice material for spring-trousers. (The band you see is in centimeters (the white and pink segments are 10 cm each). Just to give you an idea of the size of the check).

Click on the picture to get a better view!

And guess what? There might even be some sewing today. I'm gonna start with the blue top. I'm so excited!! I hope I will be able to deliver in the end. That will mean I'll have 4 new outfits, YEAH !!!

Happy sewing everyone!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A big THANK YOU and another change of plan

Just checkin' in to let you know that I'm very thrilled to have no less than 10 comments on my latest post!
This number may look pathetic in some of your opinions, but for me it's a record.
And every... EVERY time I get a comment I'm so glad someone has been so kind to take the time and effort to read my blog and give me a little message. I'm not exaggerating, this is the honest truth.
Of course there are people who only read and that's absolutely perfectly fine.
But these nice comments, they make me smile. So to all you sweet comments-writing ladies out there:

a big thank you !!!

I just felt like saying this so now I said it.

And what's that about changing plans?
Yes, I'm afraid I'll have to redo my mini-swap. In only a few days time the temperature in the Netherlands has risen to almost summer-heights. Well..not exactly that much but it feels like spring a lot!! And that's my problem: 50% of my mini-swap-fabric contains wool. It feels and looks wintery and I don't want to invest time in it when I will probably not wear it any sooner than oktober/november. Aaaand, I'm on a diet now. Impossible to say what size I will have when that time arrives. (Probably a bigger one than I've got now...sigh...).

So new plans are in the making. Maybe I'll stick to the patterns but I'll have to find other fabric. And maybe I'll change it altogether.

I'll keep you posted.

p.s. Hope spring will arrive for all of you very soon! It was sorely missed.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Knit top finished

Just finished this knit top and couldn't wait to show it to you.
Tadaaaa :

The pattern is from Knipmode, februari 2010.
Here's the linedrawing:

The frontpiece (1) has a cut-on facing (1a). After closing the backseam of the neck (the small vertical seam between 1 and 1a) you fold in the facing and baste
it onto the seams of the frontpiece.
It's very easy and quick to make. Definitely a pattern I will use again.
There's a lot of draping at the neck so if you want to make this top, you should use a thin knit or else it will be quite bulky. This fabric draped just fine.

When I tried the top on during the sewingproces and the sleeves weren't yet in, I had a sudden vision of a warm summer, me going to the shop to buy some ice-cream, feeling hot and sweatty and enjoying/absorbing summer to its fullest.

Work in progress                         
That was when I decided this top could be made for summer too, without sleeves or just short ones. Oh...the possibilities of a pattern and the neverending ideas (i.e. dreams) of a sewist.
The sleeves on this top are 3/4 length.

I love this top very much. It has quite some cleavage which is fine if I stand up straight, but If I bend down....oh my.... So I guess I'll have to pair it with a cami.

What I like the most of this top is the print of the fabric. I wish I could find more of these fine-structured prints.

That's all for now. Talk to you again soon.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Skirt finished

As promised, a picture of my finished skirt. I made it once before, about seven-or-something years ago. The pattern is from Knipmode. I am too lazy now to search for the issue-information. But if you want to know, I will gladly look it up for you. 

A little bit about the construction:
The front has a top piece to which the two 'pointy' bottom-pieces are attached. The back is straightforward: a backseam, 2 darts on each side and a zipper.
The absolute eyecatcher of this skirt (imho) is the shorter piece which peeks through the slit. That piece is attached to the lining. So, although it looks like two skirts on top of each other, there's no bulkiness whatsoever. Which is good!
The slit is placed a bit to the left and shows the leg, which makes it all the more ...uhmm... interesting.
And there was a lot of handstitching involved in the hemming.

It went together very well. Only in the end I had a little hick-up with putting in the lining. Part of the lining is sewed in in the usual way (the wrong side of the lining facing the wrong side of the skirt). But the piece you see through the slit has to be placed the other way around, because you obviously don't want the hem to be visible. This means you have to hem the visible part in the opposite way of the lining. (Are you still with me??) I had a hard time figuring it out. Which even I find hard to understand because it's not exactly rocket-science. But somehow I managed to end up with the seams of the darts in the lining, visible on the inside of the skirt. And I had to redo the backseam of the lining.

Ah well.....who cares? I'm very glad with this skirt. The fit is great and I'm gonna be very happy wearing it.

I grabbed the opportunity to show you the new shoes (again). The heels are pretty high (more than it shows in the picture!). And I'm feeling pretty high with my new shoes as well, in more ways than one...hehe...

That's one project out of the way. On to the next.
Pyamas? Knit top?? Pyamas?? Knit top??? Pyamas???...sigh... it's time to make a decision.
I ordered the fabric for my mini-swap today and once that package lands on my doorstep I'm gonna dive in like mad.

That's it for now. Happy sewing and have a great weekend!!